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Glamping With Fishing

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As any avid camper knows, fishing can be a fun and relaxing activity during a camping trip. 

For anyone who wants to go on a multi-day fishing trip without completely roughing it out in the wild, glamping may be the perfect option for you. 

In this article, we discuss what glamping is, what types of fishing you can enjoy while camping, and five of the best locations with glamping facilities to visit.

Keep reading to discover your next glamping or fishing adventure!

What is Glamping with Fishing?

Glamping is the practice of camping with added luxuries.

Many glampers choose to go camping in an air-conditioned RV, where they can sleep in an enclosed location without being exposed to the elements, bugs, or other aspects of nature. 

Glamping is also often favored by families with kids and teens, as it gives these kids the opportunity to get to know nature while still having a safe place to hang out and sleep — as well as fewer opportunities to complain for stubborn teenagers. 

Other methods of glamping can include setting up large tents with generators and inflatable mattresses, essentially creating a mini cabin for yourself during your stay. 

As such, if you intend to go on a glamping fishing trip, it is vital to choose the right location.

Amenities to look for at a glamping spot with fishing include:

  • Electricity hookups for RVs or generators
  • Clean bathroom facilities
  • Easy access to fishing spots (rivers, creeks, lakes, etc.) 

Types of Fishing

For anyone looking to go on a glamping fishing trip, your first essential choice to make is what kind of fishing you want to do. This can help you choose the best location to visit, as certain geographic and water features are needed for specific types of fishing.

In general, angling can be divided into five main types:

  • Bait Fishing: Bait fishing (also called bottom fishing) is the most common type of fishing. It involves a piece of bait being impaled on a hook and then cast into the water to lure in fish. These baits can be both real animals, such as worms, as well as artificial materials. This bait can be weighed down with a sinker that helps it sink lower in the water and closer to fish lurking at the bottom of whatever body of water you are fishing in. 
  • Fly Fishing: Fly fishing is a type of fishing that uses an artificial bait (called a fly for its similar appearance to the bug of the same name) that sits on the surface of the water to lure fish in. Fly fishing is typically done in creeks and small rivers where fish are more likely to hunt for insects on the surface of the moving water, rather than waiting at the bottom for food to pass by. Fly fishing also involves a special type of rod casting, as well as a unique rod called the fly rod. 
  • Trolling: Trolling is a type of fishing done in a boat by either attaching or holding a fishing line at the back of the boat, allowing the boat to slowly drag the bait behind it. This can simulate bait trying to escape from a fish, seducing fish into swimming after it, and trying to catch it. Trolling is a method of fishing seen most commonly in wider, deeper rivers and lakes. 
  • Saltwater Fishing: The methods of fishing we have discussed so far are all types of freshwater fishing — yet, some anglers prefer to fish in the ocean. Saltwater fishing can involve many of the same techniques as freshwater fishing, with the biggest difference being the potential size of the fish you may encounter. There are also additional safety precautions to consider with saltwater fishing, as you are more likely to encounter dangerous critters like sharks and jellyfish. 
  • Big-Game Fishing: Big-game fishing is a method of fishing that can be done in both freshwater and saltwater but is more prevalent overall in saltwater fishing. This method of fishing requires bigger and more sturdy fishing rods to catch large species of fish — including sharks, in some cases. Big-game fishing can also be one of the more competitive types of fishing. 

5 Glamping Spots with Fishing in the US

If you are looking for the perfect glamping spot in the U.S. to go fishing, look no further — we have compiled the five best spots to check out on your behalf. All of these locations not only have rentable glamping accommodations but also exceptional access to premier fishing spots. 

Here are five excellent glamping spots with fishing in the U.S.: 

1. Covered Bridge Camping 

Covered Bridge Camping is an RV and tent camping site located in the Western Catskills of New York. 

Positioned just two hours outside of New York City, Covered Bridge Camping offers an idyllic getaway for city goers and small-town folk alike. The RV park and campground are situated next to a freshwater creek called the Willowemoc, with roughly one mile of creekfront access.

Additional amenities of this campground include: 

  • Creekfront campsites for RVs
  • Access to drinking water and dishwashing sinks
  • 20 or 30-amp electric and water hookups
  • Clean restrooms with hot showers
  • Nearby hiking trails and waterfalls

Plus, even if you do not have an RV, you can still go glamping at Covered Bridge Camping! The Boheme Retreats at Covered Bridge Camping are rentable trailers that include bathrooms, comfy beds, showers, and so much more — as well as access to all of the campground’s other amenities. 

Learn more about Boheme Retreats or reserve your spot at Covered Bridge Camping today!

2. Under Canvas West Yellowstone

Under Canvas West Yellowstone is a resort-style campground offering safari-inspired tent accommodations. However, these are no ordinary tents — these spacious tents come equipped with wood flooring and private bathrooms, as well as private decks and wood-burning stoves.

As for the resort itself, the amenities included:

  • House-keeping (upon request)
  • Organic bath products
  • Adventures concierge
  • USB battery packs
  • Fire pit with s’mores
  • On-site dining facilities

This is also a pet-friendly resort, so feel free to bring your furry friend as well!

Learn more about Under Canvas’s West Yellowstone location by visiting the website today. 

3. Camp Long Creek at Big Cedar Lodge

Camp Long Creek is located at Big Cedar Lodge, offering a variety of glamping accommodations. 

The glamping facilities available to rent at Camp Long Creek include:

  • Camp Huts: Camp huts come equipped with an open-concept floor plan, a queen-sized bed, a bathroom with a shower, a small kitchen, and a small dining area.
  • Camp Cabins: Camp cabins come as either open-concept floor plans or with private bedrooms, including amenities such as a living area, porch, bathroom with a shower and tub, and a kitchen. 
  • Glamping Tents: Glamping tents come with a variety of amenities, including king-sized beds, private bathrooms with showers, small refrigerators, coffee makers, and heating and cooling. Additionally, glamping tents can include private firepits and outdoor tubs as well. 

Find out more about Camp Long Creek’s glamping facilities or book your stay on the official website.  

4. Glamping on the Greys

Glamping on the Greys is a glamping facility located roughly 1 hour from Alpine and 1 hour and 45 minutes from Jackson Hole. The campground features six canvas wall tents that include:

  • Raised wood floors 
  • Front porches
  • Queen-sized beds in three tents, twin-sized cots in three tents
  • Complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • A shared canvas wall tent shower

Additionally, Glamping on the Greys also offers guided fishing experiences for the whole family to enjoy. 

Visit the Glamping on the Greys website to learn about rates, reservations, and special offers.

5. Sankoty Lakes

Sankoty Lakes is located in Illinois and is a self-described outdoor adventure playground.

This resort-like location includes cabins, glamping tents, and RV spaces. For the glamping tents, features and amenities of these tents include:

  • Two bedrooms
  • Kitchenette (with coffee maker, mini-fridge, microwave, and kitchenware)
  • Full bathroom with a shower
  • Queen bed and a twin bunk bed
  • Dining area
  • Outdoor gathering and seating
  • Fire pit

This glamping location also offers self-guided, semi-guided, and fully-guided fishing experiences.

Check out the Sankoty Lakes website for more information on booking and rates. 

Final Thoughts: Book with Covered Bridge Camping Today

If you live near the Western Catskills or are planning a visit, Covered Bridge Camping has the glamping facilities you need for an exceptional experience. 

The campground currently has six vintage campers available to rent for the 2023 season. These campers are available on Airbnb to book, though you can also view them from the campground’s website as well. 

For anyone who has an RV of their own, both seasonal and nightly RV sites are available at Covered Bridge Camping. You can also choose between creekfront and more private off-creek sites for your RV. All RV sites offer onsite fly fishing and hiking trails. 

Plus, Covered Bridge Camping is surrounded by 500 acres of explorable forest. 

This is a pet-friendly campground, so you can bring your pups along for the fun — though you bear the responsibility for any damage caused by your furry friend. Make sure to read all of the campground rules ahead of your stay!

Book your spot with Covered Bridge Camping today. 

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