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Where to Go Glamping in the Catskills?


The Catskill Mountains are a famous mountain range in southeastern New York that draws thousands of in and out-of-state visitors every year. Known for its natural preservation and rich wildlife, the Catskills are a great destination for getting closer to nature and more in-tune with yourself.

Even if you are not an avid outdoorsman, the Catskills region comes with a variety of campgrounds offering glamping experiences that offer you all of the natural immersion you could want without having to forego the pleasures of a modern hotel or vacation rental.

This article discusses everything you need to know about glamping in the Catskills, including nine of the best glamping sites to choose from. 

Read on to discover your next outdoor adventure in the Catskills!

What is Glamping?

Have you ever wished you could spend time outside without having to abandon the comfort of your home? If you said yes, glamping may be the perfect option for you. 

Glamping is a style of camping that does not sacrifice your favorite luxuries of day-to-day life.

Rather than sleeping in a standard tent and sleeping bag, glamping often involves more comfortable accommodations for sleeping, eating, and relaxing.

While there are many ways to go glamping, here are the three main types of glamping accommodations:

  • Glamping Tents: A glamping tent is a large tent, often raised off the ground on a wooden platform and crafted from durable, waterproof materials like canvas. These tents are typically offered for rental by campgrounds or outdoor adventure companies and come equipped with queen or king-sized beds and a slew of other amenities. Most glamping tents do not include plumbing of any kind but will have a bathroom facility nearby. 
  • Camping Cabins: Camping cabins (sometimes referred to as wooden tents) can range in design from rustic cabins with only four walls and a roof to protect you from the elements to fully electrical cabins with lights, kitchenettes, and more. In general, camping cabins do not include attached bathrooms — though some do come equipped with a private bathroom and shower. 
  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs) & Campers: RVs and campers are arguably the originators of glamping. These vehicles are designed for short-term use at campgrounds, offering all the luxuries of a tiny home that can move around with you. To use an RV or camper, you must visit a campground that has electric and water hookups for such vehicles. Alternatively, you can find some campgrounds that have campers set up and available for rent. 

Top 9 Glamping Spots in the Catskills

If you are planning a glamping trip to the New York Catskills, your first crucial step is to choose a place to stay at. As discussed above, glamping can take many forms — from luxury canvas tents to fully-equipped RVs or campers. 

Choosing which glamping option is best for you comes down to your personal preferences and how much you want to actually “rough it” in the outdoors.

Here are nine of your best glamping options in the Catskills region: 

1. Covered Bridge Camping 

Covered Bridge Camping is located in the Western Catskills, just over two hours from New York City.

At this campground, you can find a wide range of amenities, including:

  • Seasonal and nightly RV sites
  • Creekfront campsites
  • Hiking trails
  • World-class fishing
  • Waterfalls
  • Water and dishwashing sinks

In addition to these amenities, Covered Bridge Camping offers accommodations for standard campsites, RV camping, and rentable glamping campers

The glamping campers are called the Boheme Retreats and can be viewed on the campground’s website, where you can find all the necessary links for reserving one of these glamping campers on Airbnb. Each glamping camper comes with a private bathroom and toilet, as well as varying bed sizes. 

Find out more about this great glamping site today by visiting the Covered Bridge Campground website

2. Bellfire in the Catskills

Bellfire in the Catskills is an off-grid camping and glamping site in the Catskill Mountains.

The accommodations offered at this site include:

  • Luxury tents
  • Tiny homes
  • Glamping getaways

As an off-grid campsite, Bellfire in the Catskills does not offer electricity or plumbing as part of their accommodations. This is also not a traditional campground intended for regular tents or RVs and is, instead, a 10-acre property dedicated to the above accommodations.

Check out the Bellfire in the Catskills website for more information and to view availability. 

3. Treetopia Campground

Treetopia Campground is a campground located in Hudson Valley that offers a wide range of both traditional and glamping accommodations, including:

  • Airstream experiences
  • Luxury family cottages
  • Pitch-your-own-tent campsites
  • RV camping
  • Glamping canvas tents

Along with the campground’s amenities, Treetopia Campground also offers a guide for fun adventures and activities nearby — which can serve as a great resource for anyone visiting the area, regardless of whether you choose Treetopia as your place to stay. 

Visit the Treetopia Campground website today to learn more. 

4. Glamping at Woodstock Meadows

Glamping at Woodstock Meadows is a small glamping site with two safari-style tents available for rent.

Along with the tents themselves, this site also includes an outdoor shower, dining gazebo, BBQs, firepit, and portalet. With so few tents on the property, this location can be a great option for anyone looking for a private getaway from the usual hubbub of more populated campgrounds.

Check out the Glamping at Woodstock Meadows Airbnb listing for more information. 

5. Gatherwild Ranch

Gatherwild Ranch is a 15-acre property and former apple orchard that has been transformed into a luxury glamping site. Currently, this site is under construction for improvements for the 2023 season — though it should be reopening in time for the spring season of 2023. 

The accommodations offered at Gatherwild Ranch include:

  • Glamping tents
  • Guest houses
  • A-frames
  • Caravans

Gatherwild Ranch is located in Germantown, New York, roughly 2.5 hours from NYC. 

Stop by the Gatherwild Ranch website for more information on 2023 availability.

6. Getaway Eastern Catskills Campground

Getaway Eastern Catskills Campground is a glamping site offering tiny cabins equipped with all the amenities you could want. This includes a small shower, toilet, sink, kitchenette with kitchenware, queen-size bed, heating, and cooling.

Along with the amenities included with each cabin, Getaway also sells the following provisions onsite:

  • S’mores
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Firewood

This is a dog-friendly campground, so feel free to bring your furry friend with you on your Catskills adventure when staying with Getaway.

Check out the Getaway Retreats website for more information. 

7. Gather Greene

Gather Greene is a nature retreat and luxury event venue in the Hudson Valley.

Used primarily as a wedding venue, Gather Greene offers custom cabins that are designed to offer an immersive nature experience while still offering the same luxuries as a hotel — perfect, say, for guests looking for a place to stay for a nature-themed wedding. 

Of course, these cabins are also available to rent for non-wedding-goers as well. 

Find out more about the Gather Greene cabins by visiting the venue website. 

8. Roxbury Yurt

Roxbury Yurt is a yurt located in Roxbury, New York. 

This yurt is positioned privately on 15 acres of land, making it the ideal couple’s getaway. The yurt comes equipped with an open floor plan complete with electricity, plumbing, and WiFi. 

Plus, this yurt is close to the town of Roxbury, allowing you to explore the town if you get tired of being out in nature! Check out the Roxbury Yurt listing on the Collective Travel website for more information.

9. The Outlier Inn’s Geodome

The Outlier Inn is a 12-acre property in the southern Catskills offering a variety of different accommodations for visitors. For those looking for a glamping experience, the main attraction at The Outlier Inn is the Geodesic Dome — a geodome that can accommodate up to 25 guests. 

Within the dome, there is one bed with plenty of floor space for additional air mattresses and sleeping bags to be laid out. Dome guests are also provided with access to a communal outdoor shower, outhouse, outdoor kitchen, and outdoor dining area. 

To learn more about the Geodesic Dome, visit The Outlier Inn website today. 

Our Top Tips for Glamping in the Catskills

When you are ready to embark on your trip to the Catskills, it is important to know what you need to bring and prepare for on your glamping adventure.

Here are our top three tips for glamping in the Catskills: 

  • Tip 1: Make sure to bring bug spray, sunscreen, and any other ointments you would typically use when spending time outdoors. Though you may have more luxurious accommodation than a standard tent while glamping, you will still be spending plenty of time outside in the sun, so make sure to plan accordingly. 
  • Tip 2: Check with your chosen campground’s host or office about what types of supplies are available to you after check-in. Specifically, make sure you will have access to clean water — if you do not, then pack a case or two of water bottles in your car before making the trek to your glamping site in the Catskills. 
  • Tip 3: Read guest reviews before booking a reservation. The best way to know whether or not a glamping site is worth the extra money spent on a camping trip is to read the reviews of guests who have already stayed there. These reviews can give you great insights into whether or not a particular campground is well-suited to your needs. 

Final Thoughts: Reserve Your Spot at Boheme Retreats Today

At Covered Bridge Campground, our Boheme Retreat glamping sites are designed to provide you with maximum comfort in a stunning natural environment.

Each of our glamping accommodations is a vintage camper that has been beautifully renovated to provide you with all of the amenities you could need for a great trip to the Catskills.Get in touch with Covered Bridge Campground today or check out our Boheme Retreat listings today.

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